2007 born Pizzico avails itself of politically uncorrect aesthetics (..but we think so pretty graphics..) to sound the dramatic and obscure sides of last decades, from psyco and lysergic 70’s to darkest double identities of the 80’s and pleasant soul decadences of the 90’s, looking forward trying to reach for the good sound, starting from the assumption that all the true art on earth is dirty and torbid, even if it makes you perceive a foreshortening of the sun..

“Now we just building tracks with slanting attitudes, strange unperfect grooves as life appears to us everyday, being radical and self destructive as our heroes seemed to be, or simple and intuitive as positivity in life imposes us to be.. giving birth to a contradictory sound, sometimes deep and incisive, sometimes just passing through..
we just wish to make listeners dancing, dreaming and cultivating shades of unconscious, touching different pictures of their own life, as every sensible and intelligent person should do..”

But who’s talking? Here are the label founderNiccolo’ Bruni (aka Brunito/Billy Bogus), he started playng at ithe end of 90’s with lots of analog synths and drum machines, tasting the fabulous electronic revolution of those years, from downtempo to experimental clubbing..

So … if you feel uncommon, radical, sensible, perpetually high, emotionally dangerous and painful as just a 16 years squatter can be please feel bound to follow them in pizzico strange adventures.




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